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Sanchem will prevent corrosion and solve paint adhesion problems on steel, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, magnesium, galvanized and IVD. Sanchem's barrier coatings such as NO-OX-ID and SafeGard are high performance, environmentally safe, rust preventatives that can be used by people with little or no technical background. These rust proofing products can be easily be applied in field for pipelines and valves, inside manufacturing plants for protecting production parts, finished equipment during shipment or storage. SafeGard CC is a family of chromate-free conversion coating chemicals for the paint line. Sanchem Inc is ISO-9001 certified.

Sanchem, Inc.SafeGard CC
The only chromate-free conversion coating that can give you the golden color or the clear color from the same tank with excellent paint adhesion, humidity and salt spray protection. SafeGard CC can be used for aluminum, magnesium and zinc.

NO-OX-ID ... THE ORIGINAL RUST PREVENTIVE. This anti corrosion coating requires minimal surface preparation and is the long-term solution for lubrication and corrosion control. NO-OX-ID A-Special is used as an anti condensation coating on structural steel, in acid pickling areas, brine tanks, inside water tanks, steel cables, bridges and cofferdams.

Sanchem, Inc.NO-OX-ID A Special WW
This cosmoline type anti corrosion coating is approved under NSF Standard 61 for use as both an internal coating for the interior of potable drinking water tanks and approved lubricants NSF for water treatment facilities. When coating an elevated water tower with NO-OX-ID, the surface does not require a SSP#10 white sandblast before application, only the use of power brushes.

SafeGard’s is a breakthrough water based rust preventive that is non-flammable, non-toxic and provide an excellent barrier to the corrosive effects of humidity and salt spray. There are many different surface finishing consistencies and colors of SafeGard available. SafeGard coatings range from soft and easy to remove to firm and hard to remove that is like a waterbased cosmoline.

Stop rust before it starts with a SafeGard Protective Coating

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