Sciemetric InstrumentsSciemetric Instruments is the premier provider, delivering best-in-class service, of enterprise-wide, innovative quality management systems for defect detection and avoidance, process analysis and traceability. Sciemetric offers a range of products to monitor and measure quality along the assembly line, from hardware systems to enterprise-level software. These products represent the leading technology today.

Sciemetric was founded in 1981, designing measurement systems for a range of industries. The company pioneered signature analysis technology for in-process defect detection in manufacturing in the early 1990s. Following the first large-scale deployment of this technology in the automotive industry’s first engine cold test application for the V8/V10 engine line of a major automotive manufacturer, Sciemetric focused on defect detection for manufacturing.

Today many of the world’s leading automotive, medical and industrial manufacturers rely on Sciemetric technology to manage the business of quality on their production lines. Many of these relationships are long-standing. They are proud to have been testing every Ford engine in the world for several years and have been the primary supplier of leak test solutions to Hewlett Packard for inkjet cartridges since 2001.

There are thousands of Sciemetric systems installed worldwide. Continuous innovation has expanded the company’s products to a range of software and hardware systems that bring visibility into and control over their manufacturing processes.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the company has its North American sales office in the U.S. European offices in the U.K., and a subsidiary in India. Sciemetric is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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