Senix Corporation ProductsSenix manufactures and sells non-contact distance measuring sensors for R&D and industrial automation. Applications include:

  • Liquid level measurement and control
  • Distance Measurement
  • Object Detection

Senix develops intelligent processor-based sensors. In 1990 they introduced the world's first user-configurable ultrasonic sensor and first push-button “teachable” sensor. Connecting to a personal computer (PC), users were able to gain access to a range of sensor capabilities. The teach button eliminated touch potentiometers and simplified in-situ calibration.

Senix Corporation ProductsNon-Contact Sensor Technology

Senix sensors measure through the air without touching the measured object and are used virtually anyplace where non-intrusive measurement and feedback are desired. They are used indoors or out, in harsh chemical environments and over a wide temperature and humidity range. Standard analog, switch and data interfaces allow connection to most equipment or in multi-sensor data networks. Custom designs are available to meet special packaging or design requirements.

Flexibility and User Control

Senix Corporation ProductsSenixVIEW PC software gives the user full control to calibrate, view and analyze measurements. Installation setups can be saved and sensors cloned, eliminating recalibration in OEM equipment or for quick replacements in maintenance operations. Adjustments can be made on the bench, or remotely to sensors that are inaccessible or in dangerous locations. SenixVIEW also works with sensor groups (networks) and can update sensors with new features. SenixVIEW is included with their latest products.

Service: The Formula for Success

Senix attributes their success to their commitment to designing, delivering and supporting technically superior products. You can depend on Senix for customer service, technical support and extensive documentation. They wouldn't have it any other way!

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