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Smith & Loveless, Inc.Smith & Loveless, Inc.Smith & Loveless, Inc.

For more than 65 years, Smith & Loveless has delivered engineering ingenuity and quality craftsmanship to the water industry by pioneering superior pre-engineered pumping, treatment and headworks systems. Our factory-built concepts pave the way for thousands of municipalities, developments and industry to reap the benefits of complete, single-source solutions and peerless system designs arranged to facilitate the ease of operation and maintenance and maximize the value of investment by way of long-lasting, durable equipment. Beneficial life cycle costing is the hallmark of the Smith & Loveless way of design.

Smith & Loveless maintains market leadership in lift station design and manufacture, grit removal systems for municipal headworks and industrial process streams, and a complete range of wastewater treatment systems, including MBRs, fixed-film and extended aeration plant (both package and field-erected systems). With tens of thousands of installations in more than 70 nations on all seven continents, Smith & Loveless truly is Above All Others™.

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