Specialty Connectors, Antennas, Ceramics and EMI Filters
Since their founding in 1968, you’ve known them as Spectrum Control, the leading provider of custom application-specific EMI filter solutions. Now as Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products (still a Spectrum Control business) they have many new products to help address the mechanical, electrical and/or power requirements of your next design.

New for this year are their specialty connectors, antenna assemblies, a greatly expanded antenna offering and their advanced ceramics, as well as adding film capacitors and modules to their power filters. And they still offer the industry's most complete line of coaxial EMI components, power surface mount filters, filtered connectors, filtered arrays, power filters, and the EMC testing services you’ve come to trust.

Innovative New Products
Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products offers a premium line of custom and specialty filtered & unfiltered interconnects that deliver high reliability and superior performance. Their new filtered audio connectors allow for easy retrofit or upgrade of unfiltered audio connectors to optimize your system performance. These custom designed connectors are available with either PC tail or solder cup terminations at reduced cost and lead times.

Their lightweight antenna assemblies have a small footprint from 13mm to 50mm square and a low profile - typically <8mm in height and as low as 4mm. These affordable antenna assemblies can transmit and receive both circularly polarized and linearly polarized signals, are omni-directional and offer typical gain response from 0 dBi to 3 dBi for half-power beamwidths of 110 degrees.

Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products's MLFT (Motor Line Feed-Through Technology) high performance, patent pending, EMI filters are designed to eliminate the need for multiple component assemblies in various DC motor applications. MLFT filters provide customers the needed filtering and mechanical interface at a reduced overall cost, making them ideal for applications such as high volume automotive, medical, industrial and telecommunications.

Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products are used in military/aerospace applications such as weapons guidance systems, missile defense, secure communications, aircraft, and military vehicles. Telecommunications applications include base stations, switching equipment, GPS, and optical networks. In addition, their products are utilized within commercial aircraft, industrial controls, instrumentation, medical consumer and automotive markets.


Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products

Coaxial Filters & Interconnects

  • Resin & Hermetically Sealed Filters
  • Motor Line Feed-Through Filters (MLFT)
  • High Current/High Voltage Filters
  • Miniature Hermetically Sealed & Surface Mount Filters
  • Filter Plates & Terminal Blocks
  • D-sub & Combo Filtered Connectors
  • Ribbon & Datacomm Connectors
  • USB Filtered & ESD Protected Connectors

Advanced Ceramics

  • Structural Ceramics
  • Capacitor Arrays
  • SMPS Modular Capacitors
  • Planar Capacitors
  • Discoidal & Tubular Capacitors
  • Thick/Thin Film

Antennas & Assemblies

  • Patch Antennas
  • Microstrip Antennas
  • Slot Antennas
  • Arrays & Assemblies
  • RFID Antennas

Specialty Connectors & Harnessing

  • Circular Connectors
  • Audio Connectors
  • Glass Sealed Connectors
  • Value Added Terminations, Cabling & Harnesses

Power Filters & Film Modules

  • Commercial Power Filters
  • Mililtary/Aerospace Power Filters
  • Film Feed-Through Power Filters
  • Power Entry Modules
  • Film Modules

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