Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA) is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI), one of the largest manufacturers of machinery in Japan, and the global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. The unmatched strength of their company in terms of product breadth, application experience and global presence clearly establishes Sumitomo as the premiere power transmission and control solution provider.

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America's Products
General purpose, compact, modular, inline reducers and gearmotors offering easy installation of output chains and sprockets; high shock load capacity; durability; and wide ratio ranges.
Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America - Concentric
Right Angle
Space-saving, easy to install, shaft mounted reducers and gearmotors. Spiral bevel and hypoid gear designs deliver quiet, efficient performance; no chain and sprocket to maintain; and no chain guard required.
Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America - Right Angle
Offset Parallel
Easy to install, shaft mounted reducers and gearmotors ideal for demanding applications where the available shaft length is short. These models offer efficient, reliable operation; a flexible range of output speed and torque combinations; no chain and sprocket to maintain; and no chain guard required.
Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America - Offset Parallel
AC Drives
These versatile, powerful, adjustable frequency drives offer high starting torque and cost-effective control solutions for a wide range of applications.
Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America - AC Drives
Compact, high efficiency reducers and gearheads designed for robotics and applications requiring exact positioning, fine speed control and tight torque control. Key features include zero and low backlash; high shockload capacity; high input speeds; and high reduction ratios.
Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America - Precision
Large Industrial
Rugged, durable drives ideal for high torque, high horsepower or large thrust load applications. Modular design, universal housings and optimized gear tooth profile ensure long life and cost-effective, efficient operation.
Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America - Large Industrial

Parts and Service

Sumitomo offers a complete range of preventive maintenance and application analysis services, based on their extensive product range and global applications experience. Many users realize the long-term benefits of implementing a "Predictive Maintenance" schedule to maximize up-time, to protect the value of their investment and to reduce equipment operating costs.

While all Sumitomo products are covered by a warranty at no extra cost, their service programs can enhance their long-term value and maximize performance. For more information contact Sumitomo.

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