Industrial Power Solutions

SunWize is a leading global provider of cost-effective and dependable power solutions to industry and government with applications in:

  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and gas
  • Security
  • Transportation

SunWize's expertise includes solar electric (or photovoltaic) technology for locations where commercial power is unavailable or impractical, and uninterruptible DC power supplies for utility connected equipment. SunWize’s experienced team of solar professionals develops rugged systems powering mission-critical load equipment.

SunWize systems are installed on all seven continents and continue to operate through climate extremes such as hurricanes, tropical rainforests, snow, corrosive salt air and temperatures ranging from the cold of Antarctica to desert heat.

Why SunWize?

As a recognized leader in industrial power solutions, SunWize is highly regarded for developing innovative products with distinct advantages. They provide their customers:

  • Reliable power
  • Unmatched global experience
  • Advanced engineering
  • Quality production
  • Innovative products
  • System flexibility
  • Lower installation costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Low system maintenance

SunWize offers an extensive line of pre-engineered systems, the largest product inventory in North America and an experienced design engineering staff. Combined with their position as a Mitsui & Co. (USA), Inc. subsidiary, they possess the technology and the global network to deliver reliable, cost-effective industrial power solutions.

You can rely on SunWize as your power solutions partner for industrial projects anywhere in the world.

SunWize Technologies, Inc.
SunWize Technologies, Inc.
SunWize Technologies, Inc.
SunWize Technologies, Inc.

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