Syrgis, High Performance Chemicals

Syrgis is a diversified international group of fine and specialty chemical manufacturers committed to delivering high-quality ingredients, intermediates, and formulations that help their customer's products perform better.

Syrgis knows chemistry.  They focus on high quality products that require special expertise to formulate and manufacture. Then they provide the special technical knowledge to ensure the products perform in each unique customer application.  While they specialize in the science behind their chemicals, their customers specialize in bringing their finished products to the marketplace.

Therefore, the range of industries Syrgis serves is very broad - from molding body parts for cars, to keeping refined oil free of contaminants, to preserving the color of your favorite clothes. Syrgis' chemicals help all these and many more products perform better.

Although Syrgis' companies appear to be vastly different from one another in the types of products they provide and the industries they serve, they have these important things in common:

  • They serve niche markets.  Syrgis' companies apply their high levels of expertise to providing the chemicals that are more difficult to formulate, manufacture, and handle.  They forge the more challenging links of the chemical supply chains that they serve.
  • They are veterans in their areas of expertise.  Syrgis offers more than 1,500 years of collective experience in the Syrgis group. Each of their companies offer centuries of experience with the average tenure approaching 10 years per employee—bringing vast application knowledge and the best customer support.
  • They partner with their customers to deliver the right chemical application solutions.  Each of Syrgis companies has a strong reputation for solving its customers' needs with high quality, consistent products and exceptional technical support.

Through Syrgis' unique mission and approach, they add differentiated value to the entire chemical supply chain-from manufacturer to distributor to end-user. Their diversity as a group also allows Syrgis to deliver more consistent financial results and year-over-year performance. 

Most importantly, Syrgis is committed to fostering the same entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that makes each of their companies great.  


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