Team's Total Integrated Mechanical Services include nondestructive onstream leak repairs; hot tapping, line stopping, and line freezing; field machining; technical bolting; valve repairs; field heat treating; NDT and inspections; turnaround shutdown and outage services; fugitive emissions control; energy management; and concrete repair services. Stockable hardware includes pipe repair clamps, enclosures, sealants, and equipment as well as hot tap/line stop fittings, flanges, sealing elements and related hardware.

Company Overview
  • Global in scope
    • 80 U.S. locations
    • 30 International locations
    • 24-hour, 365-day operations
  • Total contract capabilitiesWorldwide customer contracts, partnerships
  • Complete company insurance
  • World's largest leak sealing database
    • Historical data is maintained
    • Specialized application data is maintained

Key Personnel

  • 3,000 trained, experienced, permanent technicians
    • Skill and safety certified
    • Know plant, government safety regulations
    • Fully screened for nuclear clearances
    • Mandatory safety, training, testing programs documented
    • Written work procedures
  • 100 (+) full-time manufacturing employees
  • 200 (+) full-time salesmen, engineers
  • Dedicated, full-time staffs for:
    • Engineering and design
    • Hardware, sealants, heat treating product manufacturing
    • Quality assurance, quality control
    • Purchasing and shipping
  • 24-hour technical support staff
Engineering, Design, Manufacturing
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • More than 120,000 leak sealing clamps, enclosures, hardware designed and/or manufactured
  • Customized clamps, enclosures available on 24-to-72 hour turnaround
  • Utilization of only ASME code design material, welding, stress relieving and bolting
  • Design pressures from vacuum to 6000 psig (408.16 bar)
  • Design temperatures from cryogenic to 1700°F (926.6°C)
  • Design calculations available
  • Hydrostatic tests for enclosures, clamps available
  • More than 100 proprietary, asbestos-free sealants, packings, bonders manufactured in-house
    • Nuclear-approved sealants
    • Food-grade sealants
    • Sealants address IGSCC
  • MSDS, batch analysis, material traceability reports available

TEAM Industrial Services

TEAM Industrial Services

TEAM Industrial Services

TEAM Industrial Services, Inc.

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