TSA Systems has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of sensitive detection and monitoring devices for Radioactive and Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) since 1981.

An extensive product line of gamma, gamma-neutron, and neutron monitors have been masterfully created with comprehensive, consistently reliable testing features. These devices are able to detect small amounts of Plutonium, including weapons grade Plutonium in accordance with the requirements of ASTM International (USA), GOST (Russia) standards, and the ITRAP program. These devices are installed in many countries throughout the world.

An American owned and operated company, TSA Systems is instrumental in setting the standards by which SNM and Radioactive materials are detected, measured and continually monitored throughout the world.

Over the years, TSA has participated in many testing and evaluation programs including; RADTRAP conducted by US Customs, ITRAP conducted under the auspices of the IAEA. TSA has also participated in numerous less formal tests and has submitted new designs to Los Alamos for testing and evaluation.

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