Teledyne DALSA offers international OEMs and system integrators the exclusive advantage of a complete and wide-ranging selection of imaging products and capabilities for machine vision applications. From image sensors fabbed in their own foundry, through powerful and sophisticated cameras, frame grabbers, vision processors and software, to easy-to-use vision appliances and custom vision modules, their advanced image acquisition, processing and analysis technology enables design professionals to develop systems that improve quality, heighten productivity and stay competitive.

TeledyneDALSA With thousands of installations and 25 years of industry experience, the company is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada with operations in Montreal, Vancouver, Boston, Beijing, China, Eindhoven, the Netherlands; and sales offices in Cleveland, San Juan Capistrano, Munich, Germany, and Tokyo, Japan.

Industries Supported: Agriculture, Automotive, Electronics, Entertainment, Food/Beverage, Glass, Lumber/Wood, Medical Devices, Miscellaneous Mfg., Paper, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Printing, Semiconductor, Textile/Apparel, Transportation

Products: image sensors, cameras, frame grabbers, processors, software, vision solutions

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AN01: Interfacing the RadEye1 Image Sensor to the National Instruments PCI-6111E Data Acquisition Board (Image Sensors) This application note describes a simple method to acquire images from the RadEye1 large-area image sensor into a PC for display, storage and analysis. The system makes use of the PCI-6111E data... (View Full Article)
AN03: Guide to Image Quality and Pixel Correction Methods (Image Sensors) Image quality and pixel correction are two related topics that are central to understanding and optimizing the performance of RadEye x-ray sensors and Shad-o-Box cameras. These devices are based on... (View Full Article)