Texas Instruments provides digital signal processors (DSP), ARM9® and ARM® Cortex™-A8 processors, Sitara™ ARM Processors, DaVinci™ video processors, Keystone multicore ARM Processors, OMAP™ mobile applications processors, hardware and software development tools, operating system support (WinCE™, open source Linux, Android and DSP/BIOS™ kernel), evaluation modules (EVMs), & boards, codecs, and development support.

Texas Instruments wide range of embedded processor platforms include:

  • Sitara™ ARM Processors – TI’s Sitara ARM processors offer optimized solutions that go beyond the core, delivering a broad portfolio of ARM Cortex-A8 and ARM9 devices. Sitara processors help innovators create a variety of feature-rich, low-power applications. In addition to an extensive selection of silicon, developers have access to 24/7 support from an interactive open-source community, multi-featured development tools and robust software for both high-level and real-time operating systems. Bringing together flexible hardware solutions with robust software tools enables customers using Sitara processors create inspiring ARM designs that start to bridge the gap between high-end MCUs and mid-range ARM processor-based devices.
  • OMAP™ Applications Processors – TI’s OMAP™ platform delivers a variety of high performance applications processors that are ARM Cortex-A8 only or ARM + DSP. The platform is optimized for apps ranging from multimedia-enhanced devices to general purpose computer applications that require Linux or Microsoft Windows® CE class operating systems.
  • DaVinci™ Video Processors – TI’s DaVinci™ platform delivers a variety of processors that are ARM9 only, ARM9 + DSP and DSP only. Optimized for digital video systems, DaVinci™ digital media processor solutions are tailored for digital video, imaging, and vision applications, such as home and vehicle monitoring.
  • KeyStone Multicore ARM Processors – The AM5K2Ex multicore ARM platform based on TI’s KeyStone II architecture, is TI’s first infrastructure-grade embedded multicore ARM device featuring a quad ARM Cortex™-A15 MPCore™ processor. Due to its optimized performance profile, the AM5K2Ex SoC is ideally suited for applications like cloud infrastructure, networking control plane, routers, switches, wireless transport, wireless core network and industrial sensor networks.

Digital Signal Processors

  • TMS320C5000™ Low Power DSPs – The C5000™ platform includes a broad portfolio of the industry's lowest power 16-bit DSPs with performance up to 300MHz (600 MIPs). Ultra low power consumption (Standby power: 0.15mW, Active power with 75% dual-MAC and 25% add: 0.15mW/MHz) extends battery life. High peripheral integration and large on-chip memory reduces overall system cost. Ideal for portable devices in audio, voice and applications requiring analytics.
  • TMS320C6000™ Power Optimized DSPs –C6000™ Power Optimized DSPs offer fixed- and floating-point DSPs at up to 700MHz and the most advanced DSP C compiler and Assembly Optimizer. Ideal for high-performance audio, video, and analytics.
  • KeyStone Multicore DSPs -- Built with multiple 1.25 GHz DSP cores, TI’s KeyStone multicore DSPsdeliver the industry’s highest performing multicore processors, with 320 GMACs and 160 GFLOPs of combined fixed- and floating-point performance on a single device. The high processing and low power capabilities of KeyStone DSPs are optimal for applications such as industrial automation, high performance computing, mission critical, video infrastructure and high end imaging. KeyStone processors include TI’s C667x and C665x generation of DSPs that combine both fixed- and floating-point capabilities.

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