Thor Power Corporation

Thor Power ® Corporation, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is a high-technology company specializing in the design, development and marketing of exceptionally efficient electric power systems – electronic power converter/ inverter and permanent magnet motors/ generators/ alternators, perfectly matched to applications – initially, 0.3 to 5 kilowatts. Thor Power develops cutting edge energy-saving technology under the name TREZIUM® System & GRISMIR® generators & alternators – the technology benefits of which are twice the power, half the weight and up to half the electricity loss of traditional electric power units.

GRISMIR® currently is available as a variable speed, slotless, 2-pole, 3 phase Vac or Vdc (with a 6 diode bridge) alternator/generator for engine, hydro or wind applications. The first application was as a hydro-generator producing 9Vdc at 1800rpm (18Vdc, total), with the ability to increase speed 5-fold – well in excess of 14.4Vdc needed to charge a 12V battery. Maximum speed in our lab has been 30k rpm, producing over 2kW, non-regulated Vac.

Thor Power’s business benefits are speed and the flexibility to license its technology to original equipment makers (OEMs), developing strategic partnerships with OEMs and suppliers and selling complete TREZIUM® Systems to designers, developers and distributors. In short, our mission is "Electric Efficiency."

The TREZIUM® electric power System replaces technology that is more than 100 years old, technology that initiated the Second Industrial Revolution. Thor Power is focusing on the Third Industrial Revolution, a worldwide drive toward incredibly efficient “green” power systems.

Contact them today to inquire about how Thor Power® can help your company lead in energy efficiency, save money and increase profits.

Thor Power Corporation
Photo: Russ Weston, UOIT, 4/12, 2xG4.5kW in hydro power application

Thor Power Corporation

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