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UE is a privately held corporation headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA. They are an international manufacturer of durable and reliable pressure and temperature switches and sensors. Focused on providing protection to equipment, processes and personnel in a variety of industrial applications, their products range from simple units to highly specialized custom designs. Many of their products principally perform alarm and shutdown functions for their customers, while others provide critical sensor inputs into control systems.

UE's reputation for dependable, reliable products is a result of innovative design, superior manufacturing techniques, and a corporate focus on uncompromising quality.

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Innovative Design

  • Award-winning One Series electronic switch
  • Cost-effective solutions to meet and exceed customer requirements
  • Rugged construction for the most challenging environments

Uncompromising Quality

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Customer-first approach through service, delivery and value
  • Wide selection of products that meet global agency certification

Rapid Delivery

  • Lean manufacturing for maximum productivity
  • Practitioner of continuous improvement and elimination of waste
  • One-piece-flow for optimum manufacturing efficiency

Three Manufacturing Divisions

United Electric Controls Company
United Electric Controls
Pressure and Temperature Threshold
Detection and Switching™.

United Electric Controls Company
Applied Sensor Technologies
  RTD and Thermocouple Temperature Sensors

United Electric Controls Company
Precision Sensors
  Products for the Military, Aerospace
and Semiconductor Industries

Product Catalog

Technical Articles

Application Note: One Series: Seal Oil Skid Cost Reduction (Pressure Sensing) The company needed to lower costs, reduce maintenance and provide more reliable hydrogen-cooled generators for their customers worldwide. In order to monitor pressure remotely, provide switch... (View Full Article)


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