VACC is one of the fastest growing engineering and consulting firms in the Cryogenics and Vacuum Industry, offering

  • Unparalleled resources
  • Comprehensive skills
  • Innovation as their approach

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Vacuum and Cryogenic Consultants, LLC   Vacuum and Cryogenic Consultants, LLC   Vacuum and Cryogenic Consultants, LLC   Vacuum and Cryogenic Consultants, LLC


VACC builds and installs custom vacuum and cryogenic assemblies and systems for the world-wide technology market, including closed cycle cryostats, cryogenic storage, RGA based vacuum bake stations and leak detection systems engineered around your specifications.
Cryogenic Consulting

VACC core expertise includes more than 70 years of system and process development experience, 14 patents and a diverse list of industry-level projects completed to spec and on time. Industries served include Aerospace, Medical Instruments, Semiconductor, Academia and Government Labs.

Vacuum Consulting

Discover how VACC can help achieve your commercial and technical goals by acquiring or upgrading equipment and processes to exploit new and innovative technologies. There is no charge for contacting them to discuss your requirements.

Expert Witness

VACC offers seasoned expert witness, accident investigation and litigation assistance in all areas of vacuum and cryogenics. Their philosophy is to focus on the science with clear understandable deposition, testimony and expert witness reports given to the same standards as peer reviewed literature.

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