Wayne Products Inc. - Model MSB Belt Type Oil Skimmer

Wayne Products, founded in 1978, is located in Malvern, PA USA. Their customer service team is technically knowledgeable about most industrial processes and applications for the products marketed.

Mini & MAXI-Skimmer™ oil skimmers collect from 1 qt (1 Iph) to 100 gph (378.5 Iph) with belts reaching from 5" to 100 ft (30.7 meters) down. 115 & 220vac/50-60 hz & DC motor drives. Standard off-the-shelf units and custom products made. Common applications are metalworking coolants, parts washing and wastewater uses.

Wayne Products Inc.Electra-Kool™ Filter Ventilators cool & dustproof electrical/electronic enclosures less expensively (1st and operating cost) than air conditioners or compressed air devices. They also can be used to ventilate DC drive motors. Pleated paper, HEPA and metal mesh filter choices. FilterKits™ available for "filterless" blowers.

Filtermist™ Oil Mist Collection systems for individual machine tools are a distributed item throughout the USA since 1982.

Product Lines Manufactured by Wayne Products include:

Belt Oil Skimmers
Wheel Oil Skimmers
Customized Oil Skimmers for OEM users.
Filter Ventilators for Electronic/Electric Enclosures
Blowers for Cooling DC motors
FilterKits™ for "filterless" blowersWayne Products Inc.
Customized Blowers for OEM users.

Product Lines Distributed by Wayne Products:

Filtermist™ Oil Mist Collection Systems
Kooltronics Air Conditioners for control enclosures

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