Since 1958 Weber Germany has been designing and building various solutions for tough and demanding application needs in the assembly business. We have demonstrated our creativity and motivation which has continuously kept our standards high. For our customers this means custom designed and engineered systems of the highest possible quality. Even today we constantly push for a better way, and frequently we come up with solutions that all of our competitors have yet to even consider. Weber... leading the way!

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There has been a dramatic change in the way Weber is addressing the needs of the North American market. This change began less than two years ago with major management and philosophy revisions which would see the traditional sales and marketing approach radically morph into a leaner more customer driven organization. We still have all the experience and knowledge within Weber USA but we have begun fine tuning the way we do business with our customers and marketing partners. As this year moves on you will notice the changes taking place and will benefit from these new business models and ideas that are the "New Weber".


Weber USA will be looking closely at how we support our customers. These processes will be changed to enable more information and data to be swapped between our companies in a faster and more pain free way. We understand that the demands of the market have changed and that we must now offer more value in what we do, such as getting machine and systems data on the web for our customers to access 24 / 7. Offering more contact with factory trained personnel to answer the technical questions that ensure on time delivery with reliable quality and functions. We will be sending out more digital catalogs and attending more regional trade shows to allow us more time with end users. We will also be working on developing the next level of market leading products by actively researching what the market wants and needs for the next 5 - 7 years. We will use this research to build and deliver the market leading solutions at the right time and for an economic cost.

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