Yoshinogawa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. can find solutions to wiring techniques for robot cable and moving parts. We have extensive experience in this field and business. We can offer the best solution for robot cable and wiring techniques to satisfy your needs and fit your applications. Our cable products provide excellent durability, flexibility, and performance. We offer custom designed cable to meet you requirements. Please check us out.

Yoshinogawa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Yoshinogawa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Yoshinogawa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Yoshinogawa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

Mobilon Tough Cable

Mobilon tough cables have many excellent features, especially for moving parts wiring or for robots. We can propose suitable solutions to meet your needs and applications. We select the best materials and cable configuration. As a result, Mobilon Tough Cables have superb functionality, flexibility, bending endurance, twisting endurance, anti-abrasion, heat resistance, oil resistance, and chemical resistance.

  • Fine Coaxial cable
  • Flexible Coaxial Cable
  • Interface cable
  • Composite cable

Composite Cable

Yoshinogawa can propose a suitable cable to meet your application and condition.

Here are some composite cable examples:

  • Power/Signal Composite
  • Flat Type Cable
  • Molding Flat Cable
  • Adhesive Flat Cable
  • Kurl Cable

Yoshinogawa provides CC-Link cable, Ethernet cable (Cat.5e equivalent), USB Cable equivalent, Camera Link Cable equivalent, IEEE1394 Cable equivalent.

Kreston Cable

Ultra-Fine Coaxial Cable

Mechanical characteristic is excellent by having adopted special copper alloy for inner conductor. Enough endurance to wire for moving parts. High density assembly (0.2mm pitch) is possible.

Ultra-Fine LVDS Cable

Metallic Fiber Reinforced Copper

In-situ formed metallic fiber reinforced copper 10% silver is distributed in copper, by drawing; it is processed to fibroid silver, reinforcing the wire.

Additional Products

Fine / Flexible Coaxial Cable

This coaxial cable has excellent flexibility and durability. Its durability is 300 times higher than general coaxial cable.

Interface Cable for Moving Parts

Interface cable for moving parts face the trade-off between transmission characteristics and endurance. The balance of these features are key points, so transmission characteristics of this cable are reduced.

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