Zeiger Industries is a leading manufacturer of innovative products for the ultimate in injection molding machinery performance. From screws to non-return ring valves to LSR conversion kits, we have what you need when it comes to your front end plasticizing component requirements.

We offer custom solutions for clear polycarbonate processing as well as executions that address the corrosive challenges encountered when processing Halogen Free fire retardant enhanced polymers.Our high flow rigid PVC designs have significantly reduced our customers scrap rates in the kitchen appliance and white goods sector.All three of the applications listed above incorporate our continuous taper front end technology that reduces polymer stresses and is self cleaning.

Our world renowned Mallard valve assemblies are available for any brand or size of injection molding machinery and are offered in five (5) different materials and/or designs including our industry leading Carbide Faced valve that has our 2 year wear through guarantee on the carbide surfaces.

We also offer a full range of screws built out of the best steels on the market today, including Z Wear, CPM S90V and Lescowear, to name just a few. Not only do we offer GP screw designs but we offer a full range of custom engineered ZP screws that can be designed for either a family of resins or a given resin or our multi-material design that is a significant step above traditional GP screw technology.

Let us help you get the most out of your molding process with our Zeiger Ultimate Front End components.

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