Raytek, a worldwide leader in the infrared temperature measurement industry, offers a complete line of non-contact infrared instruments for temperature measurement and control to a wide variety of industrial applications.

Raytek Automation products, which include non-contact point sensors and thermal imaging systems, are easily integrated into a variety of industrial processes to provide continuous temperature monitoring, product uniformity, and equipment performance. Their smart, digital interface allows process engineers to configure sensors and monitor temperatures remotely. Raytek infrared sensors provide accurate, reliable temperature monitoring for a temperature range from -40 to 3000ºC (-40 to 5432ºF).

Raytek Point Sensors, which include the Raytek Compact series, are small and easy to install at a low cost, which makes them ideal for OEM applications. Additional point sensors, such as Raytek Marathon Series, containing advanced electro-optics, smart digital electronics, and a built-in user interface in a rugged housing, are designed for use in harsh operating environments.

The Marathon MM, the newest addition to the Raytek Marathon family offers through-the-lens and laser sighting to simplify targeting methods that make production monitoring more efficient. The Marathon MM with optional video sighting incorporates live video with data acquisition and sensor programming software that allows active frame capture?a unique capability delivering better process information.

Raytek Thermal Process Imaging Systems are application specific temperature line scanners designed for detailed, accurate and reliable monitoring, alarming and control of industrial processes in a multitude of industries such as cement/lime kilns, wallboard, thermoforming, plastic extrusion, glass processing, and soft-roll calendaring.

Raytek also offers a line of Industrial Noncontact Infrared Portable Thermometers for specialized applications. Contact Raytek for specialized assistance in choosing the right sensor or system for your specific industry or application.

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