Since 1984, optek has become the proven world leader in high-performance photometry. optek offers a complete line of UV/VIS/NIR and scattered light-based photometric analyzers, designed for installation directly in process pipelines, tanks and vessels. 

Using a unique modular design, optek systems typically feature advanced photometric converters, coupled with rugged, inline or probe-style sensors. Available in hundreds of different configurations, this modular design approach allows us to specify systems for virtually any process application, from ultra-sanitary to hazardous classifications. 

Every optek product is subject to demanding standards of precision and durability, from the earliest stages of design and development. Performance and reliability is proven through countless tests and trials. This robustness is vital, because optek instruments are challenged day after day, to harsh extremes of pressure, temperature and corrosive environments. 

Because of this superior quality, optek technology is used in thousands of plants spanning the globe. More than 20,000 optek photometric analyzers are controlling vital processes in a wide range of critical liquid and gas processing applications. 

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