We’re liquid cooling experts, with the experience and ingenuity to solve the most demanding thermal management challenges.

When it comes to thermal management, Lytron harnesses the power of 50 years of liquid cooling experience, a strong engineering team, and world class manufacturing to arrive at high performance, efficient, and cost-effective thermal solutions.

With a product range that encompasses all the thermal management components in a liquid cooling loop, Lytron has the broadest knowledge of liquid cooling in the industry. Our understanding of the complete cooling system allows us to performance-match the individual components in the liquid cooling loop, resulting in more cost-effective and innovative thermal management solutions.

With seven cold plate technologies, four varieties of cooling systems, and seven types of heat exchangers, totaling over 100 standard products, Lytron has the range of technologies and the expertise to design a customized liquid cooling solution that will truly fit your application.

Broad Liquid Cooling Applications Experience

Lytron sells liquid cooling and thermal management solutions into a wide range of markets including:

Lytron primarily partners with companies in fields that demand high performance, customized liquid cooling and thermal management solutions with requirements between 50 and 10,000 pieces a year.

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