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Hartzell has become the industrial ventilation expert producing high-qualifying, efficient, and innovative ventilation solutions. Hartzell Air Moving Products include fans for general and process ventilation with a complete line of axial, centrifugal fans and blowers, an extensive fiberglass product line, a complete line of make-up air and heating equipment and a full range of options and accessories. Ventilation solutions are applicable to numerous markets, such as: manufacturing and process industries, fossil power and co-generation, metals and mining, municipal (sewage treatment), on-board marine, and various OEM applications involving cooling, drying and circulating.

Performance is designed in at Hartzell, and supported by heavy investment in research and development. A fully equipped, AMCA registered laboratory is one example of this commitment to excellence. Testing includes finite element analysis, sophisticated sound/vibration/fatigue analysis and fan performance on the wind tunnel. Quality is built into all Hartzell products. Advanced CNC machines turn out high-precision parts. Industrial duty materials are standard. Casings are continuously welded, not lock seam formed. Airfoil propellers are cast in Hartzell's foundry, machined, and precision balanced. Every fan is run-tested before it leaves the plant.

A nationwide organization of knowledgeable Sales Representatives will help you match your specific needs and requirements. For non-standard applications, Hartzell provides complete engineering support and full professional documentation.

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