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PA&E employs innovative technologies, best-practices engineering, and specialized manufacturing techniques to produce a wide range of connector products; integrated electronic packaging; and EMI filters that perform reliably in the most extreme environments.

PA&E products are hard at work in medical implants, such as cardiac-function devices; outside earth's atmosphere, on the International Space Station; in combat, on fighter aircraft; and deep below the earth's surface, in oil-drilling tools.

A talented and experienced group of engineers, scientists, chemists, physicists, metallurgists, and technicians, coupled with comprehensive services (all in one location), have allowed PA&E, in many cases, to be the sole supplier for global customers who require components that meet complex technical requirements.

Harsh environment specialists.

From outer space to the inner ear. PA&E designs and builds components that protect communication satellites against electromagnetic chaos in space, to components for oil drilling tools that bore thousands of feet towards the earth’s core, to advanced materials for the most unique, demanding and punishing environment known: the human body.

The customer mandate: smaller, faster, better performing.
Engineers are demanding components that are smaller and lighter, yet deliver increased performance. PA&E delivers products for those types applications through their diverse expertise in design engineering, material sciences, and manufacturing. PA&E’s ultra-miniature connectors, for example, are significantly smaller than competitive connectors, but demonstrate superior electrical performance and withstand mechanical and thermal stresses far beyond the limits of most alternatives.

PA&E manufactures products that no one else can build—to tolerances that no one else can sustain. From machining to metal processing to subassembly, they work in the tightest tolerances to meet the most stringent customer requirements.

Engineering expertise. PA&E application engineers bring decades of component design experience to help meet any customer engineering challenge and are engaged in every step – from concept, to design and manufacturing.

Bonding otherwise incompatible metals at the molecular level.
PA&E’s own explosive welding process creates metallurgical bonds that permanently fuse otherwise incompatible metals at the molecular level. This unique process produces composites that can be designed and fabricated to combine the most desirable properties of very different metals, allowing designers to optimize the performance of the composite for characteristics such as high temperature or cryogenic resistance, high strength, thermal or electrical conductivity, enhanced mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. A wide range of metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper alloys, nickel alloys, titanium, zirconium, tantalum, aluminum and many others can be joined through explosive welding.

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PA&E custom manufactures a wide range of products
designed to perform in harsh environments.