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We strive to be the best company of our kind. Our engineering resources and financial stability are essential to providing the technology and the new products you require to be competitive.

Our skills and innovative solutions set us apart in the industry. Beginning with the invention of the coiled pin in the 1940s, we have continuously introduced new products, as well as improved the performance of established lines, resulting in millions of dollars of savings for our customers.

Standardization is fundamental to our success. We identify a common market requirement and develop a standard product line or production process that meets those needs. Standardization lowers material, tooling and production costs and lays the foundation to produce specials more cost effectively when they are required for your unique application. We are a leader in the development of international standards where you derive benefits through lower unit prices in general and shared development costs.

Our production capabilities cover a wide variety of modern processes spanning proprietary roll form technology and stamping, 4-slides, lasers, CNC machining, and Swiss multi-spindle screw machines. We perform most heat treating and finishing processes in-house to ensure consistent quality and to control delivery. You benefit from these investments with the breadth of our product lines, reduced tooling costs, shorter delivery schedules and less variability within each and every production lot.

We put all these factors together at our technology centers where we combine years of application experience, engineering talent, a certified inspection and test laboratory, full production capabilities, insertion equipment and literally thousands of standard parts to provide the best solutions, quickly.

Reasons you should partner with SPIROL:

  • Our core purpose is to help you reduce your assembly costs
  • Over 1/2 of a century of application engineering experience and success
  • The technical know how to adapt cost effective production capabilities to meet your product needs
  • A broad range of standard products and low cost methods of producing special features at competitive prices
  • Installation technology and resources
  • Quality assurance and accountability
  • Innovative commercial solutions
  • Outstanding operational service and response
  • A global presence
  • Financial security and long-term stability

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