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Bushman AvonTec
Bushman AvonTec
Bushman AvonTec

If you can make it, Bushman AvonTec can move it. They have a proud history of product leadership in the design and manufacture of rugged, built-to-order material handling equipment.

Lift it…Stack it…

A powerful convergence of engineering and ingenuity at Bushman AvonTec produces superior solutions and innovative products. They call it “enginuity”.

Grab it…Hook it…

Bushman AvonTec builds custom-designed below-the-hook lifting equipment for both mill duty and industrial applications. Capacities range from one half ton to over 50 tons.

Upend it…Invert it…

Bushman AvonTec's floor-based material handling equipment accurately positions heavy loads through multiple axes for unique applications.

Weigh it…Transfer it…

Slit coil packaging equipment from Bushman AvonTec lowers packaging costs through automation, elimination of duplicate operations and protection of your products.

Bushman AvonTec moves industry in all the right directions for increased productivity and extended performance. Their custom designed material handling solutions are renowned for minimizing maintenance requirements and downtime.

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