ISL Products International Ltd., Coils, Chokes, and Inductors Founded in 1975, ISL Products service manufacturers worldwide. ISL Products International, Ltd. is an internationally-recognized supplier of precision-engineered electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies. ISL provides fast, economical development and delivery of custom-designed parts. They specialize in locating hard-to-find components which normally cannot be obtained for prompt delivery from conventional sources.

ISL Products International Ltd., Products Products include speaker, custom molded cable assembly, isolation transformer, slide potentiometer, rotary potentiometer, switching power supply, linear power supply, custom transformer, audio transformer, connector, telephone coupling transformer, pulse transformer, stepping motor, synchronous motor, dc gear motor, condenser microphone, noise canceling microphone, omni directional microphone, cable and harness assembly, piezo transducer, piezo buzzer as well as other popular products! ISL Products International Ltd., Open Frame Series

ISL Products specializes in standard and custom speaker, molded cable assembly, transformer, potentiometer, power supply, transformer, connector, stepping motor, synchronous motor, dc gear motor, condenser, noise canceling and omni directional microphone, cable and harness assembly, piezo transducer and buzzer as well as other popular products.

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