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MicroE Systems is a member of GSI Group, a publicly-traded worldwide manufacturer of enabling technology products and systems. Founded in 1994 to develop the world's most innovative encoder technologies, MicroE Systems' products range from the company's advanced O.P.S., Mercury, and Mercury II encoders, to ultra-high-performance positioning systems for the data storage industry, to the SMT ChipEncoder. We also manufacture DRC encoders for harsh environments.

The O.P.S. Series is our latest innovation. It is the next level of performance and value, with an outstanding combination of accuracy, resolution, and features, all while being easy to set up. The sensor works with our PurePrecision™ metal tape scales and rotary glass scales. The O.P.S. series has all electronics in the sensor and features resolution up to 50nm, a built-in status LED in the sensor, dual optical limits, and robustness against contamination and EMI/RFI interference.

Committed to Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, and Quality

Our success has resulted from three factors: the development of superior technology; commitment to customer satisfaction through our focus on OEM customer requirements; and adherence to quality through ISO 9001 and 13485.

Committed to OEM Support

OEM's expect close technical support from the beginning. We start with consultation during your product concept phase. Together, we will establish form, fit, function, and performance targets for our encoders.

During your product design and production phases, our Rapid Customer Response (RCR) team and our web-based resources — which are controlled according to ISO standards — are available for applications and technical support.

The RCR team is critical when modifications to our standard encoders are needed to optimize an OEM customer's application. We regularly develop application-specific OEM solutions from our technology portfolio. MicroE Systems' direct sales force also provides support worldwide.

Serving a Broad Range of Industries

At MicroE Systems, we meet the needs of a diverse range of industries. Today, OEM's worldwide in the motion control, metrology, medical / life sciences equipment, semiconductor, electronics assembly, test & measurement, and data storage industries have specified our products. They insist on MicroE Systems not just for performance, but because of our commitment to their success.

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Technical Articles

Mercury Encoders: Design Guidelines for Customer Supplied Hubs (.pdf) (Encoders and Resolvers) MicroE Systems offers standard hubs for each of our standard rotary scales. Should customers want to design a hub themselves, this guidline describes the key factors that should be incorporated into... (View Full Article)
Mercury Encoders: Alignment of Rotary Scales (.pdf) (Encoders and Resolvers) This document describes two different methods of aligning rotary scales; 1. optically centering the grating pattern track using a CCD camera; 2. using two sensors to "electrically" center the grating. (View Full Article)