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From its inception in 1973, General Digital™ has delivered to the market scores of standard and custom flat panel products and software solutions.

In 1977, General Digital™ invented the VuePoint™, the world?s first gas plasma, flat panel serial terminal with integral touch screen, which then evolved into the VuePoint II™ and then the Smart VuePoint™. In 1992, long before anyone realized the benefits of such a design, General Digital™ introduced the SlimLine™, a 2U high (3.50"), "flip-up" LCD monitor with an integral keyboard and pointing device.

Though many "copycat" devices are widely available today, only General Digital?s™ ruggedized, specialized and customized products are built to last for years, while offering the greatest flexibility necessary to keep pace in today?s rapidly changing market. As a matter of fact, much of their VuePoint™ and VuePoint™ II product line is still in service today in the Printing, Flight Simulation and Powerplant industries, and many first-generation SlimLines™ are still in use by the U.S. Navy. The VuePoint™ product line has proved to be so popular, that a third-generation VuePoint™ III LCD terminal was recently developed and is being delivered today.

General Digital™ continues to serve the marketplace with advanced design and engineering capabilities as evidenced in their diverse line of hardware products, contract manufacturing and software engineering services. Their hardware products range from terminals to UXGA LCD monitors to fully integrated industrial computer systems.

In addition, General Digital™ has continued to develop innovative solutions for a constantly evolving marketplace, as can be evidenced by their numerous configurations of flat panel LCD display systems and computers, such as:
  • Rack Mount Flip-up LCD Monitors
  • Rack Mount Flip-up LCD Monitor/Keyboards
  • Static Rack Mount LCD Monitors
  • Panel Mount LCD Monitors
  • Standalone LCD Monitors
  • LCD Monitor Kits
  • LCD Computers and Terminals
  • Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors
  • LED Backlights for All LCD Monitors
To further customize your LCD product to suit your particular requirements, General Digital™ offers a multitude of:
  • Options and Accessories
  • Rack Mount Keyboards
  • Desktop Keyboards
  • Optical Enhancements

Whether your need is for an off-the-shelf flat panel LCD monitor or a state-of-the-art LCD display system, you can count on General Digital?s™ experienced sales engineers to assist you in every way possible. They will help you with product configuration, work closely with you in prototype development, and propose innovative solutions to meet your application requirements.

For over 25 years, General Digital™ has solved the industry?s toughest flat panel display problems, while providing the kind of "old-fashioned" service that is rarely found in contemporary, high tech firms. Being independently owned and operated, you deal with on-the-job, concerned individuals, including a professional sales staff and well-trained fabricators. General Digital™ is large enough to handle most custom fabrication needs, but small enough to give each of their customers the kind of quality service and respect they deserve.

General Digital™ remains a proud entrepreneurial company with deeply rooted traditions of quality and service. They have evolved into the industry?s leader in innovative flat screen LCD display design and integration. They continue to provide turnkey software solutions and consultative engineering services. General Digital™ stands as a strong, viable force in the industry, poised to meet the challenge of your specific needs.

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