At Buflovak LLC in Buffalo, NY, USA, we specialize in innovative, technology–driven solutions for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste treatment, metals and glass industries. We are one of only a few worldwide offering product research and testing, the design and engineering of process equipment and systems, and manufacturing of complex one-of-a-kind and first-of-a-kind equipment and systems all at a single location. Buflovak LLC consists of specialized operating groups: Buflovak Rotating and Vacuum Thermal Process Equipment Group; P-K Process Equipment Group; and Buflovak Separation Technology and Allied Equipment Group.

Rotating and Vacuum Thermal Process Equipment

  • Buflovak LLCAtmospheric single and double drum dryers
  • Vacuum drum, rotary, pan and shelf dryers
  • Cooling drum flakers
  • Product research / testing
  • Engineering and design of process and equipment
  • More...

P-K Process

  • Buflovak LLCP-K is Process Knowledge
  • Implementing PAT for QbD in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Continuous Powder Blending and Granulation
  • Single Pot Processing, guaranteed to scale up from 4 liter to 4,500 liter
  • Drying and High Temperature Solid Stating of Nylons and PET
  • More...
Buflovak LLC

Distillation & Evaporation

Buflovak LLC• Evaporation Systems
• Distillation Systems
• Crystallizers

Contract Services

Buflovak LLC• Large Capacity
• Boring / Milling /
• Stress Relieving

Pilot Plant / Lab Services

Buflovak LLC• Feasibility Testing
• Pilot Scale
• Process
  Equipment Rental

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