ProtoCAM ProtoCAM is the largest rapid prototyping bureau in the Eastern United States, providing a unique blend of manufacturing engineering / rapid prototyping consulting along with stereolithography and other advanced rapid prototyping techniques. ProtoCAM produces the highest quality rapid prototypes and offers precision short run production (rapid manufacturing), with both urethane-based and investment castings. ProtoCAM also utilizes the newest in rapid tooling technologies to give you hard tooling in as little as two weeks!

Why use ProtoCAM for your rapid protypes?

  The most advanced rapid prototype materials
  Quick turnaround on prototypes
  Rapid prototyping engineering experience
ProtoCAM   Save you time and money

In short, ProtoCAM can help you get from plans to production in the shortest amount of time. Contact ProtoCAM to inquire about how ProtoCAM can help you with all your rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and rapid manufacturing needs.

ProtoCAM accepts a variety of source data ranging from concept sketches and detailed prints to 3D-CAD files. They will issue you a quote on your project, typically within 2 hours of receipt of your specifications. Do not hesitate to contact ProtoCAM with your design and manufacturing requirements.

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