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Rotary Systems is the innovative leader for designing and manufacturing of standard and customized rotary unions and electrical slip rings. Engineers around the world have counted on our 80 plus years of combined engineering expertise to turn their rotary union and slip ring visions into a reality.

Operating just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rotary Systems has provided products for industries including defense, radar, armored vehicles, government nuclear, and heavy equipment. Our staff has never turned down a challenge or failed to meet the toughest, most stringent demands and needs of our customers. From our skilled engineers, state of the art manufacturing equipment, operating with the latest 3D CAD/CAM technology, incredible depth of knowledge, to our active database of 2500 clients around the world it’s no coincidence that Rotary Systems has established itself as the innovative leader in the rotary union and slip ring markets.

Rotary Systems specializes in custom designs for your application. Our engineering staff will draw upon its combined 80 years of experience in rotary unions to come up with exactly what you need. We've manufactured rotary unions of all sizes, weights, metal types and applications. From 20 ounces to 2 tons, carbon steel to Hallestoy, and DoD projects to advanced cancer equipment.
Our engineering staff will draw upon over 80 years of experience in electrical slip rings to come up with a solution with demands that need to vary in size, weight, material, and applications. We can supply slip rings for the transfer of current ranging from less than an amp at low voltage to thousands of amps at thousands of volts. Sizes can range from miniature slip ring capsules to large separates along with assemblies including hundreds of circuits. Our slip rings also have a rotary union attachment option.
Our multiple-passage rotary unions are a convenient solution when you need to pass more than one type of media to and from rotating equipment. Cross talk between passages is virtually eliminated with our proprietary, carbon-fiber impregated Teflon® seal technology, which provides worry-free service. Available in standard or flange mount configurations, our entire line of multi-passage unions feature a through bore for electrical slip rings, providing a complete solution for any application.


From our economical swivels to our more robust bearing supported unions, available in 90 degree or inline, Rotary Systems' line of single passage unions is flexible enough for any application. Our knowledgeable Applications Engineers will recommend the best single passage union for your application.
Our standard line of Capsule Slip Rings offer a range of fully enclosed assemblies with their own bearing arrangement in a compact size. Able to transfer low level control & data signals as well as low power up to 10 Amps these units feature precious metal contacts for high reliability requiring little or no maintenance.


High-speed and high-pressure are no longer mutually exclusive. Rotary Systems’ mechanical seal rotary unions for coolant, air/hydraulic and general purpose service incorporate the latest seal materials and optimized balance ratios for your application. Available in 90 degree or inline with a variety of thread configurations, these unions work well in high-speed spindle, air and hydraulic clutch, and plastic film applications.
Rotary Systems' line of Packaged Slip Rings feature precious metal contacts for long reliability requiring little or no maintenance. The entire range features a through bore for the routing of hydraulics, pneumatics or shaft mounting and is capable of transferring low level control and data signals as well as low power with very low electrical noise.



On occasion, design engineers will need to get more than just air or oil to their rotating equipment. Our slip ring unions can deliver fluid, power, signal and data in one compact assembly, offering total control of your machinery. This option will allow users to transfer fluids and gasses along with electrical and signal through one compact and rugged assembly. The standard line of rotary union – slip ring assemblies are offered in various sizes and electrical configurations with up to 12 passages in the union. A custom union can be designed with additional passages if required.
Rotary Systems Industrial Slip Rings are manufactured to meet and exceed the harsh requirements of industrial use. These rugged assemblies have been designed and built for industrial applications and have been installed on cable reels, in water treatment works and in wind turbines for the transfer of power.



When you need multiple passages, high-pressure and high-speed — all at the same time —look no further than our Hydrostatic line of rotary unions. These unions utilize contact free "gap" seals for cool, wear free running where some controlled leakage can be tolerated. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, wind turbine pitch control and off-road excavation equipment.
Our Sealed Slip Rings feature our standard Packaged Slip Rings manufactured within a sealed enclosure. The protection class is typically IP65 but Rotary Systems will be happy to supply any Slip Ring sealed to suit your specific requirement.


For rotary index tables with independent load/unload stations, Rotary Systems Timing Valves are your answer. Each channel is controlled by shaft/housing orientation, delivering media only when required. Our timing valves are available with 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 passages, and can be found in tombstone fixtures in machine tool applications.
Rotary Systems offers a standard range of Separates for customer built assemblies with their own bearing arrangement or applications where a fully enclosed Capsule or Package Unit is impractical. Our range of Separates is flexible enough to offer a solution for any application, capable of transferring low level signals or low power up to 10 Amps. The entire line of separate Slip Rings and Brush Blocks features a through bore for shaft mounting.

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