Scientific Dust CollectorsScientific Dust Collectors manufacturers a full line of baghouse and cartridge style dust collectors. They are able to provide you with standard catalog selections as well as highly customized units to exactly match your unique needs, because they perform all fabrication in-house.

Scientific Dust Collectors is a division of Venturedyne, Ltd., a large diversified industrial manufacturing corporation with divisions specializing in dust collection, indoor air quality, environmental test chambers, ventilation equipment, metal detectors, and sub-micron laser particle counters for clean rooms.

Scientific Dust Collectors - MP Cartridge Collector Scientific Dust Collectors' Products Include:

  • Baghouse Collectors
  • Vertical Cartridge Collector
  • Horizontal Cartridge Collector
  • Bin Vents
  • Fume Collectors
  • Rotary Air Lock
Scientific Dust Collectors is committed to providing you a standard or custom product that meets your individual requirements and solves your dust problems. Let them know how they can help you, "collect the facts" and "discover the difference".

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