Milliken & Company's additives for plastic applications greatly enhance the value and aesthetics of their customers' end products.

Milliken & Company specializes in developing and producing additives and colorants for the global plastics and household care industries. Milliken & Company has application and development centers around the world dedicated to customer support.

Milliken & Company's products play a critical role in numerous industrial and consumer applications. Manufacturers, especially in the textile industry, employ their chemicals to make high quality products safely, efficiently and in a sustainable way.

Milliken & Company offers a wide variety of additives, coatings, colorants, specialty chemicals, and more.

Antimicrobial AlphaSan®
ClearShield® UV Absorbers
ClearTint® Colorants
DispersiTech™ Colorants
Hyperform® for Nucleation
Hyperform® for Reinforcement
Liquitint® Colorants
Millad® Clarifying Agents
Reactint® Colorants
Specialty Intermediates
Specialty Silicones
ViviTint® Colorants

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