Digital Oscillograph Recorder

Multi-channel Data Acquisition Recorders and Integrated Measurement Systems

SOLTEC has dedicated over 45 years to providing quality Data Acquisition and Recording Instruments & Systems. Today’s products are designed to serve modern technology Test & Measurement applications from R&D to Preventive/Predictive Maintenance. SOLTEC’s now include Multi-channel High Speed Data Acquisition Recorders; Vehicle Driving Robots for both dynamometer and autonomous applications; and NEC Avio High Performance Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras and Systems for both handheld and fixed monitoring applications and the unique ability to record full Radiometric Thermal Images Synchronous with Analog Phenomena.

SOLTEC offers many unique products to serve a wide variety of measurement applications:

  • High Speed Data Acquisition Recorders and Analyzers
  • Thermal Imaging Camera Systems
  • PC Driven Data Acquisition
  • Welders
  • Driving Robots and Actuators
  • Automomous Track and Dynamometer
  • Strip Chart and XY Analog Recorders
  • Chart Recorder Paper, Pens, and Supplies

TA220 - 1000 Data Acquisition Recorder

Driving Robots and Actuators, Autonomous Track and Dynamometer Applications

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