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Techcon Systems was established in 1961 to service industrial manufacturing markets and has continued to be a leader in fluid dispensing systems.

In 1996 OK International acquired Techcon. This strategy provided Techcon with a strong global sales channel, with direct subsidiaries in France, Germany, Italy, UK, China, Japan and Taiwan.

Today, Techcon represents OK International's OEM Division of products. Currently focusing on fluid dispensing systems, Techcon's components are used in medical, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and industrial applications throughout the world, helping improve manufacturing processes and increase customer's bottom lines.

Techcon offers a wide array of fluid dispensing products and provides dispensing components ranging from disposable accessories to complete microprocessor-controlled dispensing systems, and precision valves.

Whether your goal is cost savings or process improvement, Techcon Systems, Inc. can tailor a solution for your application.

Techcon Systems, Inc. - Manual Syringe Gun
Techcon Systems, Inc. - Precision Spray valve


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