G.R. Sprenger Engineering, Inc.

Sample any powder or flowing bulk solid continuously, dependably, economically.

The G.R. Sprenger Engineering, Inc. company was founded and registered as an S-Corporation in the State of Colorado.

Sprenger Engineering has been successful in virtually every application of the Sprenger Continuous Sampler, from cement clinker to rosemary leaves. They even have a new mining slurry continuous sampler running at a molybdenum mill in Colorado. Response to the Continuous Sampler has been fantastic, and the wide range of applications make the sampler a truly unique invention.

Sprenger Continuous Sampler: U.S. Patent 5,426,987

• Continuous sample collection
• Entire process stream passes through sampler
• Sample fraction 0.015% to 5.0%
• No moving parts
• No timers or electronic controls
• Standard or custom pipe connections

Unique DesigG.R. Sprenger Engineering, Inc.n

This newly patented sampling unit has a wide range of applications in process quality control and waste stream compliance. G.R. Sprenger Engineering has units operating in cement kiln dust, cement clinker, fertilizer, mining slurries and granular materials handling applications. As bulk solids flow down through a vertical pipe or chute, the first stage collects a nominal 2% of the total flow. The second stage repeats this action yielding a nominal 0.04% cut taken continuously from the process stream. The entire process stream flows through the sampler all the time. All material has an equal chance of being sampled. The sample is continuously removed so that the resultant sample is completely representative of the total flow.

Dependable Operation

Fluctuations of flow do not affect the percent sample fraction collected. Each unit is sized so that the cross sectional flow area is at least twice that of the inlet pipe. The replaceable sample collection chutes have a unique design allowing operation on powders without bridging or plugging.


Dusts, Powders, Granulars, Pellets, Mixed Size Formulations, Slurries.

Cost Effective

Sprenger Continuous Samplers are priced competitively. Since there are no moving parts or electronic devices, this sampler is virtually maintenance free. Installation costs are minimal since no electric, pneumatic or hydraulic components are involved.

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