Our aim: The ideal solution for all your sensor needs

Sensors are critically important components when it comes to ensuring the quality, reliability and safety of your products and solutions.

As specialists in sensor technology since 1982, we have become the partner of choice of many successful companies. We develop and produce:

  • Pressure sensors and pressure measurement systems
  • Level sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Integrated fluidics solutions and multi-sensor systems

We offer you an extensive product range and thus the ideal sensor technology solution. Our team specialises in the development, adaptation and manufacture of customised sensor solutions. International OEMs from a variety of markets benefit from Sensortechnics' developments in the field of integrated, multifunctional sensing and fluidic control solutions. We adapt housing shapes, measurement ranges, connections, transmission protocols and signal processing to meet the specific needs of your solution.

We make sure we satisfy the most stringent requirements and quality standards in development and manufacturing – including, for example, those of medical technology, measuring technology and the semi-conductor industry.

As a specialist with our own manufacturing facilities, we can produce customised solutions (even in small quantities) with flexibility and at low cost.

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