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Advanced Technical Services GmbH was established in 1967 with the purpose to introduce scientific and analytical instrumentation to countries of southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East. Today, ATS has over 40 years of worldwide experience in projects implementation. Since the late 1980s ATS has designed and manufactured opto-electronic instruments for quality control in the lab and in the field. Advanced Technical Services GmbH is currently the leading company in the field of High Performance Flame Photometry (HPFP™) and advanced UV Fluorometry.

Based on the many years of field work, ATS has invested, in the past 20 years, in the research and development of its own technologies, with special emphasis on optical emission spectroscopy. ATS has been typically leading the development of Flame Photometry since manufacturing its own units first in 1988. Today, these efforts result in a product line that meets the needs of the 21st century laboratory, and assists to simplify laboratory methodologies.

The ATS products are currently being marketed internationally through a network of professional sales distributors.

Advanced Technical Services GmbH's High Performance Flame Photometers (HPFP™) have established a solid reputation; most notably in the fields of environmental quality control, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food, petroleum and petrochemical industries, and more. The HPFP™ range helps serve general applications, being in use in teaching institutions, general laboratories and a variety of other industries.

Advanced Technical Services GmbH's Fluorometer range, on the other hand, is specific to uranium analysis in urine, water, waste water, geology, and so on. Its performance is unique in the speed of analysis, with results at the parts-per-trillion level.

The company’s unique proprietary technologies enable users also to meet international standards of requirements such as Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and IEC/ISO 17025.

ATS has always placed special emphasis on very high quality, from the time of project planning and implementation, through to completion. The instruments today continue the company’s reputation of being of high standard, approved, reliable, and are being used by many multi-national companies, and government agencies, in a variety of applications worldwide.

Advanced Technical Services GmbH - General Purpose Flame Photometer
Advanced Technical Services GmbH - ATS Software
Advanced Technical Services GmbH - ATS300 Uranium Analyzer

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