Innovative New Product Development and Contract Manufacturing.
Invetech is an innovator in new product design & development, custom automation and contract manufacturing.

Experienced Professionals.
For over 30 years Invetech has developed breakthrough products and manufacturing systems with a focus on disruptive innovation. This has seen Invetech deliver a range of instrument, medical device and consumables development and manufacturing services that develop break-through products and solve complex automation challenges.

A Diversity of Talent and Thinking
Invetech combines front-end design skills with engineering and manufacturing capability, to bring new products to market faster. This end-to-end approach requires a team with great breadth and depth in highly specialized disciplines.

Invetech's team of over 220 professionals includes industrial and CAD designers, model makers, mechanical, electronic, software and manufacturing engineers, bioscientists, physicists, chemists, technicians and program managers.

Invetech's clients range from start-ups to multi-nationals and are served from operations in San Diego, Zurich and Melbourne.

Invetech's specialist expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing enables them to deliver solutions that are as practical as they are marketable.

Invetech's industry-specific knowledge enables clients to break new ground in the following areas;

  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices
  • Life Sciences
  • Cleantech
  • Industrial Products
  • Consumer Products
Invetech Disposable Development
Invetech Disposable Development
Invetech Disposable Development

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