API Technologies Corp - Spectrum Control

API Technologies Corp - Spectrum Control was founded in 1968. Since that time, we’ve become the world leader in EMI filtering solutions, while expanding into specialty connectors, film capacitors and advanced ceramics. API Technologies Corp - Spectrum Control’s custom, application-specific products are used in a wide variety of markets, including telecommunications, aviation/aerospace, instrumentation, industrial controls, medial, automotive and military/defense.

API Technologies Corp - Spectrum Control

About API Technologies Corp - Spectrum Control
As a vertically integrated manufacturing company, API Technologies Corp - Spectrum Control provides an unique approach to problem solving by offering our customers consulting, diagnostic testing and product design services. By performing these services in-house, we’re able to shorten lead times to meet OEM customer demands for flexible production schedules and available inventory.

API’s flexibility and response capabilities are supported by manufacturing facilities in Fairview, PA, State College, PA and Wesson, MS as well as through low-cost operations in China and Mexico. Visit http://eis.apitech.com to learn more.

API Technologies Corp - Spectrum Control Product Lines

Coaxial Filters & Interconnects

  • Resin & Hermetically Sealed Filters
  • Motor Line Feed-Through Filters (MLFT)
  • High Current/High Volume Filters
  • Miniature Hermetically Sealed & Surface Mount Filters
  • Filter Plates & Terminal Blocks
  • D-Sub & Combo Filtered Connectors
  • Ribbon & Datacomm Connectors
  • USB Filtered & ESD Protected Connectors

Advanced Ceramics

  • Structural Ceramics
  • Capacitor Arrays
  • SMPS Capacitors
  • Planar Capacitors
  • Discoidal & Tubular Capacitors
  • Thick/Thin Film Ceramics

Power Filters & Film Modules

  • Commercial Power Filters
  • Military/Aerospace Power Filters
  • Film Feed-Through Power Filters
  • Power Entry Modules
  • Film Modules

Specialty Connectors & Harnessing

  • Circular Connectors
  • Audio Connectors
  • Glass/Hermetically Sealed Connectors
  • Value Added Terminations
  • Specialty Cabling & Harnessing


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