B&PLUS K.K. is part of the BALLUFF group in Japan. We develop original products and some products are provided through the Balluff group. B&PLUS USA provides all of B&PLUS Products into the US market and we also provide some unique Japanese technology in the US.

Remote System

Remote System is an original connection system which supplies power and transmits signals inductively between a moving part such as a pallet or a turn-table and a local position.

Load Cell

Our load cells are super small. The smallest size is φ3mm.  We also provide very thin load cells. This unique product adds more value to every situation.


This Encoder is very small. The smallest size is φ3mm.  This product is used for very small spaces in robotics, healthcare, etc.

Pulse Coder

This pulse coder is very small, highly accurate and very reliable.  This is used for automotive crash testing, machines, healthcare, etc.

Linear Scale

Linear scale realize to measure your linear movement. High gap, high resolution and high response!

B&Plus USA, Inc.
B&Plus USA, Inc.
B&Plus USA, Inc.
B&Plus USA, Inc.
B&Plus USA, Inc.

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Technical Articles

Address Mark Reader : Reader (Linear Position Sensing) SMR-50B-N is designed for reading Address Mark Magnet SMG-100N (N-pole is up. /Yellow laminate), that will be installed at stopping position or at a branch of magnetic navigation type AGV. By... (View Full Article)
AGV Guide Sensor : Analog/Step Analog type GS315 (Linear Position Sensing) GS-315 is an Analog Voltage output type magnetic tape navigation sensor for AGV. The analog voltage (Deviation out) changes proportionate to a relative position between GS-315 and a guide tape. GS-315... (View Full Article)