Since their establishment in the United States in 1957, Yokogawa Corporation of America has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of test, measurement, field instrumentation, process control and information products for North America.

Headquartered just south of Atlanta, Georgia, Yokogawa has sales offices across the United States. Their commitment to their customers is Yokogawa's number one priority, and they back it up with a network of representatives and distributors that reflect this commitment.

Their parent company, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, is dedicated to developing the most advanced control and instrumentation products and systems in the world. Today, Yokogawa has a firm hold on its position as a leading manufacturer in the fields of measurement, control, and information. As a major global player, the company anticipates the needs of the times, continually tackling new challenges and exploring new markets in order to provide the best solutions in the world.

Yokogawa's commitment to innovation is reflected in their extraordinary investments in R&D, which ensure development of the most advanced products and services. Yokogawa has consistently made above-average investments in research and development. In fact, over the past decade, they have set an industry standard by committing a full nine percent of sales revenue each year to R&D. As a result, they have secured more than 4,500 patents and registrations, representing a number of important innovations, including the world's first distributed control system and the first digital sensors for flow and pressure measurement.

Yokogawa Corporation of America
Yokogawa Corporation of America

Yokogawa Corporation of America

Yokogawa Corporation of America


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