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Rieker Inclinometers and Digital Displays

Electronic inclinometer sensorFor nearly a century, Rieker® Inc - a leading manufacturer of accurate, rugged inclinometers, tilt sensors, and accelerometers - has provided angle and slope measuring solutions for Aerospace/Defense, Aviation, Construction, Marine and Transportation industries.

Rieker's electronic units - including accelerometers, inclinometers, tilt switches, and angle indicators - are available with digital displays, customizable trip angles, RS232 output, and both audible and visual alerts. They are designed to notify, warn, control, or display information when needed based on a specific application. These electronic units continue Rieker's tradition of excellence for meeting the increasing need for advanced vehicle and equipment tilt monitoring and controlling. This unique long-term expertise in designing and manufacturing inclinometers, allows unprecedented control and measuring solutions for their customers.

Sub Sea InclinometerRieker offers a full line of inclinometer sensors and accelerometers for measuring the tilt angle of any object with respect to gravity. Input ranges from ±10° through ±80° with analog or digital pulse width modulated output available. The temperature compensated, signal conditioned inclinometers offer variable range settings with both 0 to 5VDC and 4 to 20mA outputs in single and dual axis packages (switch outputs and relays optional). The internal sensor construction of these units is fully encapsulated - providing ideal weatherproofing and durability. Rieker's low-cost static and dynamic accelerometers are very small, accurate, and shock resistant to 10,000g with ranges from ±3g to ±100g.

Precision Bulls Eye LevelRieker's SlopeAlert™ Tilt Warning System is a reliable, low cost solution for determining in-range and out of range tilt conditions. Connected to a lamp, horn, or solenoid relay, this compact single or dual axis unit can indicate both safe and unsafe conditions for as well as provide a control signal to shut down equipment. The rugged, weatherproof sealed construction stands up against harsh environments and severe vibration commonly found at off-road construction or industrial sites. Multiple trip settings are factory calibrated and can be arranged in a single axis to indicate caution before final alarm.

Rieker's manual or 'ball-in-glass-tube' style inclinometers provide instant and accurate tilt indication, will not rust or freeze up, and come in multiple degree settings with custom color zones.

This web site contains the majority of Rieker's instruments to suite a variety of applications. If you have an application that requires custom specifications, please contact them today with your requirements. One of their engineers will be happy to speak with you.

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