Commtest, Inc.

Commtest is a Global leader in developing and producing vibration analysis and monitoring instruments. Vibration analysis detects early precursors to failure, allowing machinery repair or replacement before expensive failures occur.

Commtest prides itself on being an inventive company, always seeking fresh and sometimes daring approaches to common engineering problems. Their scientific and technological expertise, combined with a flair for problem solving means their products offer new and smart solutions in a competitive marketplace.

Innovation is Commtest's business, which means they invest heavily in research and development. Their ongoing goal is to continually improve their existing products, as well as develop and introduce new products in additional markets, where even more customers can benefit from their expertise. Value is another key component in their success. Commtest respects their customers' business needs and strives to create mutually beneficial relationships. This means providing the best possible product at prices nothing short of revolutionary. It also means providing comprehensive service and creating products that last. It is this combination of innovation and value that truly sets Commtest apart.


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