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Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.


Beswick Engineering
Designs & Manufactures
Miniature Fluid Power Products

Regulators, Quick Disconnects, and Valves

  • Pressure Regulators:
    Diaphragm Design
    - Single, Two & Three Stage
    Piston Design- Single & Two Stage, Back Pressure Regulator
  • Quick Disconnects:
    Automatic Release with Shut Off
    - Single & Multiple Line
    Screw Type with Shut Off – Single Line
  • Valves:
    Needle, Check, Metering, Flow Control, Slide Sleeve, Relief and Fill


  • Fittings:
    Barb, Push to Connect, Compression & Luer Lock Fittings

Cylinders & Shock Absorbers

  • Mufflers, Filters and Breathers
  • Cylinders:  
    Air Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders, etc
  • Orifice Fittings:   
    Micro-drilled, Sapphire Jewel
  • Tubing and Accessories:
    Polyurethane, Coiled Polyurethane, High Pressure

Why Should You Specify Beswick Engineering?
Engineering Support
Quality Products
Custom Design
Sub-miniature Size
Depth of Experience
Commitment to Customer Service


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