Panduit understands the challenges you face meeting design, industry, and application requirements in a timely and cost-effective way. For 60 years, we have focused on electrical systems solutions that help organize, connect, and protect wire and cable.

Panduit provides the industry's broadest selection of Wire Harness, Commercial Transportation, Heavy Equipment, Control Panel, and Renewable Energy solutions.

Panduit is a single-source partner you can trust to provide quality products and technical support to meet industry and regulatory requirements, reduce deployment time and achieve the lowest cost of ownership. At Panduit, we're wired for the way you work. For more information, contact us at OEM@panduit.com.


Cable Ties
Bundle, mount and identify quickly with cable ties in a variety of styles, sizes, materials and colors. Hand tools help provide consistent results.

Wire connectors
Terminals and ferrules are designed and manufactured for fast assembly, and reliable performance. Terminal tools provide reliable crimps and easy installation to save time.

Printers, media and software provide an easy way to create a full line of on demand printable labels designed to meet industry standards.

Wiring Duct
A premium wire management solution for routing and concealing wiring in electrical control panels for space optimization and noise mitigation.

Abrasion Protection
An economical and easy way to insulate, protect, bundle and color-code wire and cable: Spiral wrap, heat shrink and grommet edging.

Mounts & Accessories
Secure quickly and easily with a broad selection of styles engineered to speed installation and lower installed costs for routing and managing cable.

Power Connectors
A variety of imperial and metric connectors provide permanent terminations for a variety of power and grounding applications, with highest reliability.

Installation Tooling
Panduit is known for high-quality installation tools. Choose from manual, pneumatic and fully automatic options to promote worker safety, reduce downtime and improve productivity.


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