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Electric Actuators for your Motion Applications

Actuating systems from Exlar deliver an unmatched range of capabilities, power and performance in both linear and rotary configurations. Select from a broad range of products to find the most robust, reliable and cost-effective solution for nearly any motion application.

Exlar offers many distinct benefits over hydraulic, pneumatic and other electromechanical systems:

  • Lower cost to operate
  • ExlarMore compact packaging
  • Ideal form factor
  • Load ratings to 40,000 lb and above
  • Speeds to 60 in/sec and above
  • Longer life, up to 15x that of similar sized ball screws
  • Completely sealed units
  • Operation with any servo drive
  • Completely integrated actuator/drive/control products
  • Exlar custom products
Exlar Exlar
Exlar Exlar
Exlar Exlar


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