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Marktech is a CREE Solutions Provider for Cree and its line of visible LED products and die. In addition we also offer our own line of sensor, assembly and InP epilayer wafers What distinguished Marktech from other competitors was that Marktech's only focus has been optoelectronics and we recognized that LEDs and related optoelectronic devices are generally designed and manufactured to meet the common demands of the market.

There are however, applications which utilize parameters of an optoelectronic device that are not clearly specified and often not even controlled within the manufacturing process. Characteristics such as radiant power output of a visible LED or the secondary wavelength peak of an IR device may be critical parameters for a specific application but no reference to these parameters is made in the specification. To further complicate things, one LED of a given type may demonstrate the desired characteristic while the next LED of the same type does not. We understand these issues and offer a comprehensive array of engineering services designed to reduce your production costs by supporting LED, assembly and sensor applications that fall outside the mainstream.

In addition Marktech offers standard optoelectronic products ranging from UV (ultra violet to SWIR (short wave infrared). Our standard categories include visible and IR emitters, pin photo diodes, high brightness LEDs and starboards.

Marktech employs a team of technical sales and product managers and we also maintain a complete optoelectronics laboratory staffed by qualified engineers and technicians. Tasks performed by Marktech's Services Team range from application specific optoelectronic device and assembly design and prototyping, parameter binning and component and assembly testing. The end goal of our Engineering Service Team is to provide the customer with a device that meets the requirements of the application. By providing a device designed or presorted for a specific application, production yields are increased dramatically, inventory becomes manageable and production support requirements are significantly reduced.

At Marktech we offer outstanding support for all your optoelectronic application needs.

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