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Your toughest analytical challenges are solved with Emerson.

Whatever your goal – reduce installation and maintenance costs, maximize up-time, protect your plant and personnel, or improve process quality – Emerson offers  a complete range of Rosemount innovative analytical and measurement solutions to maximize performance, productivity and profitability. Our capabilities include:

  1. Combustion analysis / process gas / quantum cascade laser products and gas chromatography
  2. Liquid analysis
  3. Pressure / Temperature / Level and Flow solutions
  4. Fixed toxic and combustible gas detection, flame detection, and ultrasonic gas leak detection.

Our analytical solutions help you maximize performance, productivity, and profitability.

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Technical Articles

Advancing the Art of Optical Path Verification in Infrared Flame Detectors (.pdf) (Fire Detection and Suppression) This paper outlines the purpose of the Visual Integrity (VI) test feature on optical flame detectors, and how Net Safety Monitoring is advancing the technology in order to virtually eliminate the... (View Full Article)
Conductivity Measurement: A Hidden Key to Dairy Industry Success (Environmental Sensors) As the dairy industry moves to continue to grow and thrive, while remaining globally competitive, one of its biggest challenges will be how well the industry can maintain best practice processes that... (View Full Article)